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The purpose of ‘my best food recipes’ Guidelines for Editors and Publishers is to sustain that trust by articulating basic principles for the conduct of magazine journalists. The guidelines also summarize industry practices, drawn from those principles, concerning editorial content and advertising and include information about federal regulations relevant to magazine media.

In a rapidly changing media marketplace, no one set of guidelines can answer every question. ‘My best food recipes’ Guidelines address only the critical challenges encountered by print and digital journalists working in today’s advertising-supported media. The basic principles that inform the guidelines, especially transparency, are also applicable to other forms of magazine media.

The Primary Responsibility of the Editor is to serve the Interests of the Reader:
Editors should never hesitate to publish information their readers have a right to know. Editors should acknowledge and correct mistakes quickly and clearly. Editors should not permit advertiser influence to compromise editorial integrity.

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No product should receive an editorial endorsement in exchange for payment. Product placement that indicates editorial endorsement should be avoided. Advertisements should not be integrated into editorial content.

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E-commerce partnerships should be disclosed to the reader. E-commerce options should be visually distinguished from editorial content.