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This magazine talks about my best food recipes. It’s reliable guideline for those who are passionate about cooking. All recipes shared have been customized to cater for the likes as well as changing trends in cookery preference in the 21st century.

Healthy Juicing Preamble

All of us wish to live a healthy and happy life free from all diseases, but very few of us make right and really serious efforts in his direction. It is a pity that man, being the most intelligent and clever of all living beings is unable to check the deterioration of his health. This is simply because the life of modern man is removed from nature. We do not realize that healthy life is possible only by following the rules of the nature. Life is nature’s gift to us and we can make the most of these gifts only by reverting to Mother Nature.

Nature has provided a variety of food to us but instead of including them in their natural form in our diet, we go for hot and spicy food prepared as per various recipes given out by modern books on cookery, little realizing that they cater to our tastes rather than to our dietary needs.

No wonder then we have more and more medicine and drugs to save ourselves from harmful effects of such unnatural foods. It is really deplorable that not only the common man but also the men of medicine and dietetics have remained indifferent to food on which our whole existence, life and wee being depend. It is high time we pay proper attention to our food and cultivate proper food habits to prevent ill healthy since preventing is better than cure.

It has been found that the diet of raw food and juice help us remain healthy, juice-diet, especially, can cure us of chronic diseases and keep our mind and body healthy. It is heartening to note that of late awareness of the importance of juices in our diet has been increasing and that having realized the food value of juices more and more people are taking juices in their diets.

The results of experiments and research carried on in western countries in the subject of juice-diet are most gratifying and are sure to bring a ray of hope for the health of mankind.

It has been our endeavor to provide in this publication information about juice diet. We are confident that this site will serve as a practical and useful guide to those who desire to prevent diseases and improve their health with the help of juice-diet.

Healthy Juicing
Healthy Juicing

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