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This magazine talks about my best food recipes. It’s reliable guideline for those who are passionate about cooking. All recipes shared have been customized to cater for the likes as well as changing trends in cookery preference in the 21st century.

Give Your Stomach A Break With Delicious Clean Eating @ Gracias Madre In WeHo, CA.

We've all been there. The newest health craze/ crash diet has hit the streets & you just have to hop on the crazy train, otherwise you'll feel left out & like you only have a few months left to live because you're daily food intake is soooo unhealthy. It can not only be frustrating, but downright dangerous to follow all the latest food trends that are out there. Fortunately there is a little thing I like to call “common sense,” & if you just eat a moderately clean diet with a few splurges here & there for good measure, chances are, you'll be just fine. What we all really want is to indulge once in a while while still feeling like we're doing good by our bodies.

That's where restaurants like Cafe Gratitude- and their Mexican spin-off Gracias Madre- come in. Cafe Gratitude is an amazing restaurant in its own right, but today, I'd like to rant and rave about my favorite of the two: Gracias Madre. 1.) Their patio is nicer. & 2.) I'm part Mexican. (So, sue me). Also, their Mango Trifle with cashew butter is the best I've ever had.

The menu is specifically tailored to the Mexican-food-loving crowd with a taste for the finer things in life & a healthier twist. A.K.A: not frozen tortillas laced with grease and animal byproducts. Everything from the Chilaquiles to the Tamales, Plantain French Toast to the healthy, hearty rice bowls are made using the finest, freshest, & cleanest ingredients that include neither meat nor dairy. The chefs here have perfected the art of taking healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to recreate our beloved favorites without the hefty price tag on our health. I'm talking about things like a uniquely delicious housemade cashew butter used to replace everything from whipped cream & Crème fraîche. Or how about using beans & spices to create the heartiest veggie burger that puts most tofu burgers to shame? And that Horchata Latte made with nutmilk & espresso is one of the best coffees I've ever had- hot or iced.

The best part about the food here- besides being the closest thing from literally picking it up from nature & sticking it in your mouth- is that every dish is created with attention to detail, not only in taste, but in presentation. Even the booze- & there's a lot of it- is made as healthy as possible; using only the finest ingredients to craft their delicious cocktails & carefully selecting their beers & wine lists to include only the best. Seriously, there's a whole other menu just for the alcohol.

So, my fellow health freaks, dust off your Sunday Brunch Best, & make a trip out to West Hollywood for a healthy meal you won't soon forget- & won't want to.

This article was originally published on @juvi_guevara