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Get The Skinny On The Newest Health Craze In LA: Bulletproof Coffee

Alright whiners and Starbucks-lovers, listen up! THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL COFFEE SHOP! Unless you are serious about your health and want your coffee to be more than just a caffeinated sugar bomb, or if you're just so into the latest fads that you've convinced yourself fat water and fat coffee are amazing, you will have to work your way up to drinking bulletproof coffee. The stuff is NASTY!

What makes it so special is the grass-fed unsalted butter or ghee, high-quality coffee, and MCT oil which packs large doses of healthy fats and other nutrients that not only improve cognitive functions of the brain, but also suppress hunger, cravings, and boost energy in a healthy way. It's even being used all over the world as a meal replacement- check with your doctor if that's safe for you- and happens to be a daily staple for paleos and low-carb nuts/ athletes, alike. The final diagnosis on whether or not it's safe to use in such large quantities and deserves all the hype it's getting has yet to be determined.

That being said, it is actually good for you to use as a substitute from time to time. It's packed with all sorts of goodness for your brain. And great news for regular latte-lovers, they do have a passable version of a vanilla or mocha latte. Both are delicious once you get used to the slight sour taste from the other ingredients. The VanillaMaxx at the Bulletproof Coffee location in the Arts District of Los Angeles has a subtly-sweet flavor, while the mocha is a little richer due to the chocolate. Just remember to keep telling yourself it's good for you.

They also have regular cold brew if you prefer your coffee black, and there are plenty of healthy sweeteners for you to sugarfy your brew to your heart's content without the guilt or the crash afterwards. Food is scarce at this place, but with butter in your coffee, I don't think you'll be getting hungry anytime soon. And the space itself is super chill; so if you bring your laptop, you're welcome to hang around on one of their couches and “get some work done” in relative peace and quiet.

Due to the nature of the ingredients and the quality of the drinks, it is a pricey place: $6.75 for a VanillaMaxx, not including tip. But if a decent cup o' Joe is all you want, there are plenty of other coffee shops in the vicinity to satisfy the urge. None as chill or over-hyped, though.

This article was originally published on @juvi_guevara