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This magazine talks about my best food recipes. It’s reliable guideline for those who are passionate about cooking. All recipes shared have been customized to cater for the likes as well as changing trends in cookery preference in the 21st century.

Barrel & Ashes In Studio City, CA. Has A Hoe Cake With Your Name On It!

Loosen those belt buckles, kids! This is Southern down-home cooking with a pricey twist. From hoe cakes to Frito pies, this place has every gut-busting belly bomb you could ask for, and then some. Take a gander at those dishes making their way out of the kitchen, and you'll be hard-pressed not to find something your fatty sensibilities don't crave.

The booze menu is pretty extensive and has a great selection of cocktails, craft beers, & bitters to satisfy any alcohol connoisseur. Even the coffee lovers have something to rejoice over with a java-inspired liquor drink involving Irish whiskey, coffee liqueur, Verve coffee, whipped cream, & cinnamon. But at $12 a pop, you may just want to order regular coffee.

The food is where it's at, here. Yes, it's super heavy, but you will not find anything else like it around. The uniqueness and scrumptiousness alone is worth spending your cheat day here. For the full experience I suggest bringing someone with you and sharing some of the more popular dishes.

The Best Damn Chick'n Sandwich Ya Ever had is a clear winner; super savory, made with fried chicken, pimento cheese, & a savory slaw to give it a bit of a sour kick, all served on a brioche bun. As a side, I would suggest a hoe cake- which is basically a corn pancake served on a skillet- made with maple butter & chives, or with all the fixin's. There are a couple to choose from- both sweet & savory- so it comes down to your tastes. If you're eating more, I think the regular that comes with the maple butter & chives is perfect.

Some other favorites are the smoked fried chicken, the Frito pie- which you may or may not love, depending on where you're from- and, of course, the brisket. I mean, who ever heard of down-home cooking without BBQ & brisket?

The desserts in a place like this are expected to be decadent & ridiculous. They don't disappoint. They sometimes have unique items on their menu- when I was here, it was a perfectly-balanced Pineapple Habanero ice cream- but the most popular seems to be the Banana Pudding. It's a beast of a pudding which comes in a small mason jar with some toasted marshmallow on top & real banana slices mixed in-between. It's the perfect way to end that button-bursting feast you just indulged in. But hey, at least your wallets will be lighter.

This article was originally published on @juvi_guevara